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The politician’s Swiss Replica Watches, cost more than his car need?

Patriotism Russian politicians buy Lada car backfired public display – like, but not a lot, we are focusing on what his luxury Swiss Replica Watches.
Shortly before the new year, Vitali Milonov, St. Petersburg, Mr out to buy a new Radabesuta. This is apparently because he asked the TV crew to join him, he bought a modest Russian-made family sedan well, we are keen that it should be documented.
However, when the video appeared, it is not a car to collect views on social media. Instead, the audience seems to be interested in his wristwear. It is, but it is impossible to determine whether it is genuine, he seems to wear Maxi Marine Athens. This retail rules or even to $ ten thousand US dollars (£ six thousand seven hundred ninety-eight pounds), and according to the place of purchase, compared with the car, it can be more expensive, only 9000 $ (657,000 rubles) I do Costing.
Mr. Milonov, you agree to repay the balance in installments over three years, and has paid half of the car in front. “Milonov bought Radabesuta credit. However, his Replica Watches is more expensive than a car,” one Twitter user wrote suspicious.
Milanov denied any cheating. . Commenting on Russian television REN, he said: “There is no better way clock is a 10-year-old … maybe my grandmother left me, I do not want to say anything – it’s anyone’s business?”
2014, Milonov has been reported to earn about $ 48,000 for a local politician. Not a bad salary, many people raised the price of a luxury watch outside the scope of his 1. Of course, these tweets suggests, there is a clock is obtained in exchange for political favors.
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Dmitry Shua Riboud was obviously I want to watch the same pictures high price.
Trends in social media has promoted the anti-corruption activist. A watch, the earliest information Suha Riboud, members of the Russian Anti-Corruption Foundation dorms from. He attracts attention to his Replica Watches, tweet Milanov photos car. “Because of the devaluation, the watch is now worth more than one million rubles,” he wrote.
However, in any television, politician Vitaly Milanov speak, he said he is not looking so much for all of value.
He was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Putin “in the service of the motherland”, in September last year. However, the controversial comments, homosexuality’ve seen him make international headlines in the past. 2013, gay activist described him as a “disease”, trying to 2012, he took both Lady Gaga and Madonna speech in court to support the Russian LGBT rights.
Politicians online questioning, are being taken after wearing expensive watches, it is an effective theme for today’s social media. Trend BBC last August, nearly £ 40 lakh worth watching Dmitri Peskov Richard Miller draws on his wedding, Putin’s spokesman, wrote. Twitter users, it quickly reminds Milanov story. “This is just to let her confirmation, and asked her, yes! From Peskov’s wife gifts,” wrote one.
Luxury Swiss Replica Watches led to international protests: For more information on this topic